Rodney Vincent
                                                                         "From Pics to Tricks"


                Welcome to my site.  It is dedicated to my business and personal ventures. I had a part time wedding photography business from 2002-2007. I'm planning on shooting weddings again in the future now that my daughter is a little older.  I started inline skating in 1992, and have taught occasionally over the years. I still occasionally do some speed skating, but at the present time I mostly do trick and slalom skating. Unicycling and Juggling are recent passions of mine. I ride all sizes of unicycles and mostly just juggle knives and clubs these days. Maybe one day I can join the circus. Since I'm 48 years old I had better get moving. Please visit the links to the different pages of my site.  Thanks for visiting my site. I will be adding more videos and photos in the near future, so please visit again. If you have any questions from pics to tricks please e-mail me at the address below (or text to the number below).

Phone/Voicemail/Text: 404-218-9138





                                                                                      A TRUE AMERICAN HERO                                                                                                  

*****This site is dedicated to a personal hero of mine. My brother Donald Wayne Vincent was killed during combat operations in Afghanistan on July 25th, 2009. He was a proud Marine that served with the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment out of Camp Lejeune, N.C. Wayne gave his life for this country and it is something I will never forget. He is a hero among many heroes that have given their all for this country. Being a veteran myself I have always had the deepest respect for our military heroes. God bless all of our military heroes and their families. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten. Below I have a link of a short video memorial that was made for my brother.

A short video memorial for Donald Wayne Vincent (1983-2009)                                                     

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